Bretonse biscuit met merengue van magnolia

Breton biscuit with magnolia merengue

This is the recipe for a very comfortable dessert for real sweet tooths. The Breton sponge cake provides the salty tones, which are broken up by the floral notes of the magnolia meringue. The meringue, or Italian foam, is smooth and soft. This dessert will impress your guests, because it looks beautiful. You can also […]
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Pickled magnolia

Vinegar of magnolia or other blossom, herbs

Spring has begun and the blossom is hanging on the trees. The moment to start picking the magnolia buds just before they start to flower. This recipe for making vinegar of magnolia or other blossom, herbs is super simple. fill an airtight glass jar with blossom or herbs top it of with a low acidity […]
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