Dried plants

Drying blossom and herbs

Drying blossom and herbs at home, this is how we and you can do it? You need a food dryer or an oven that keeps running while the door is slightly open. Preparation: put the blossom or herbs on grids and dry them at about 45 degrees Celsius when dry, keep them in airtight containers
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fles siroop

Syrup of blossom or herbs

1 part of water 1,5 part of refined sugar 2% apple vinegar Preparation: boil the water add the sugar if it is completely dissolved add the vinegar cool the syrup until room temperature add the syrup to a glass jar full of herbs or blossom* close it airtight and preferebly put it in the fridge. […]
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Pickled magnolia

Vinegar of magnolia or other blossom, herbs

Spring has begun and the blossom is hanging on the trees. The moment to start picking the magnolia buds just before they start to flower. This recipe for making vinegar of magnolia or other blossom, herbs is super simple. fill an airtight glass jar with blossom or herbs top it of with a low acidity […]
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