Restaurant Rotonde is a progressive restaurant
We prepare local vegetables - from the land and from the sea - grains, legumes, fruits, mushrooms and much more, on wood fire. For us, fire represents "gezelligheid", excitement, and most of all, it imparts insane flavor.

We respect the value of ingredients by preparing them as pure as possible. That doesn't make it less adventurous; through special combinations, vegetables you may never have heard of and a glass of thought-provoking natural wine, we hope to wow you. We look forward to seeing you at Restaurant Rotonde!

Rotonde has a Bib Gourmand and a Green Star from Michelin.


Jord Coree
Jord has created his own style through his years of experience in the kitchen. Creating as little waste as possible, with local ingredients and exciting combinations are central to this. He worked at Heron Petit Restaurant and did an internship at star restaurant INUA in Tokyo. After this he cooked at natural wine restaurant Yard in Paris. Last year, he attended a training course from the MAD Academy, founded by Noma chef René Redzepi, on sustainability in restaurants.
Birk Heijkants
Birk started his hospitality career around the corner: at Memory Lane on Hoogstraat. After that he was host at Heron Petit Restaurant in Utrecht. As a journalist he also writes about food and drinks. He has worked for culinary magazine Bouillon, journalistic website OneWorld and de Volkskrant. After learning that there could be more than 60 additives (unlisted on the label) in wine, he wanted to serve nothing more than wines without junk.
Roy Lammers
Roy is probably the most enthusiastic host you've ever had at your table. Before Restaurant Rotonde, he was mostly a bartender. After the Utrecht notorious Tivoli Oudegracht closed its doors for good, Roy became a morning bartender at another notoriety: The Village Coffee & Music. Besides being a specialty-coffee fanatic, he is also the handyman of the restaurant; he designed and built the bar, kitchen and wine rack. The music is not to be missed either. Many of the records are from Roy's collection. 

We do not claim anything, but we justify everything

We take responsibility for

Sustainable, local, green, we all know the terms and they are used all the time. We asked ourselves: what do they actually mean? We want to move towards a world where there is enough food for everyone, without damaging animals, people or the planet itself. That's quite a challenge, in our view. Hence our name, Restaurant Rotonde. The roads represent complex (food) issues, and at the center we try to streamline them by hopefully being able to answer some of those issues. 

In doing so, we throw all the previously mentioned terms into the blender. We keep them in mind in all the choices we make. We take responsibility. For example, for the origin of ingredients, the waste that we create and the wood fire that we stoke. We take that responsibility towards ourselves but also towards you, our guests. We communicate, to those who are open to it, as transparently as possible. 
Transparency at the table but also online. We write stories about what we encounter or new discoveries and we also like to share our recipes. We are open to input from guests and colleagues from other restaurants. We also like to keep you informed through our newsletter. You can sign up for it below.  
We hope to establish a progressive cuisine
That's not to say we're going to explain to you what can and can't be done, because we don't always know that ourselves. We hope to get answers to questions such as: Is it better to use milk from the farmer around the corner, for which a live animal is used? Or coconut milk from a large multinational, whose origin is difficult to trace? And how do we ensure that there is enough food for everyone, also in the future? By asking these questions, and sometimes hopefully answering them, we hope to establish a progressive cuisine. But while we do this, we want you to have a great evening. 

Book a table

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 16:00/17:00 until late. The dishes on the menu are vegetarian. We always have plenty of vegan dishes. Please remember to indicate your other dietary requirements in the reservation.

We have room for groups with a maximum group size of 14 people. You can also make reservations for these via the button on the site.

Starting in the new year, we ask for a deposit of €25 euro per person when making reservations. We are doing this because, unfortunately, we have had too much trouble with guests making reservations and not showing up. This resulted, besides empty tables, in many headaches and difficult confrontations. Experience and research show that people take an appointment more seriously by paying a deposit than without. We hope for your understanding!
We are open from Tuesday until Saturday, from 16:00 till late.
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Restaurant Rotonde
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