Bretonse biscuit met merengue van magnolia

Breton biscuit with magnolia merengue

This is the recipe for a very comfortable dessert for real sweet tooths. The Breton sponge cake provides the salty tones, which are broken up by the floral notes of the magnolia meringue. The meringue, or Italian foam, is smooth and soft. This dessert will impress your guests, because it looks beautiful. You can also […]
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Oil of onion

You can give a tasteless oil many special flavours by mixing at a higher temperature with a thermoblender. This is a machine that mixes and heats at the same time, which caramelises the onion. To dry the onion rings in advance, we use a food dehydrator, but you can also leave the oven ajar at […]
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Smoked fruit or vegetable fudge

This is a real guilty pleasure. Fudge is sweet and fat, a dangerous combination: sugar makes you want to keep eating, fat gives you satisfaction. The advantage of this recipe is that you can cut the fudge as small as you like. We make the fudge to accompany coffee and tea in the restaurant. The […]
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Buckwheat crumble

Buckwheat crumble can be used to make a fruit dessert even more delicious. For example, crumble it over your apple or pear compote and bake it in the oven at the same time.
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Goudse moppen

(dutch cookies) goudse moppen:   Ingredients: 230 gr cane sugar 400 gr soft butter 2 egg yolk 6 gr salt 500 gr flour t55 3 gr of spice   Preperation: mix everything by hand except the flourĀ  then mix the flour inĀ  make 8 rolls of 20 cm (same weight)out of them and roll them […]
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