Sourdough cinnamon bun

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Cinnamon bun
3,5 dl oat milk9 (oat milk recipe)
50 gr hazelnut butter (hazelnut butter recipe)
2 cinnamon sticks - heat this until 90c and let it sit for about 15 min
500 gr flower 
75 gr cane sugar
1,5 gr cinnamon powder
7 gr salt
This sourdough cinnamon bun recipe makes the tastiest plant-based snacks. Start on time and plan ahead to make this recipe with your sourdough.

feed your starter at 10 am(starter recipe) 3 pm check starter and begin dough


  • mix the dry goods
  • mix with the liquid
  • let it sit for 30 min
  • than mix with 120 gr of sourdough starter 
  • knead the dough in the kitchen aid for about 8 min until gluten structure develops 
  • let the dough rise for about 5 hours 
  • push the air out of the dough and roll into a squire 
  • mix 150 soft butter with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 100 cane sugar 
  • spread it out over the dough
  • fold the dough from the top to the middle and fold the bottom over the whole dough
  • slice in 18 thin slices and slice these also al the way in the middle 
  • fold the buns and put them on baking trays
  • cover them with a wet towel and put them in the warm fridge (9c)over night.
  • bake in the morning 10 am, cover with egg yoke milk base. 190c 24 min   
  • when there done glaze them with cinnamon sugar syrup about three times in 30 min 
  • save at room temperature
  • when transferring heat them above the fire
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