The beginning of a new adventure

The beginning at Noma

We fantasized for years about opening our own restaurant. While working or in our days of, when we went out for dinner; all the time we were thinking about how we would do it. When we ate at Noma in 2019 (see picture), we knew for sure we would going to do it. But it seemed something to do in the future, when we were really grown up.

First Jord would go to Tokyo and Paris. And then maybe in ten… perhaps five years? But after some time apart covid-19 came around the corner. We were all at home, Paris and Utrecht were locked down. And that was the beginning of a new adventure… Suddenly we had time to think: what do we actually need to start a restaurant?

For Roy and me, Birk, was the answer to that question quite simple: Jord. We know how to create a nice atmosphere and a ‘gezellige’ avond. With perfect wine and coffee. But what can we do, without a cook, we wondered.

During Christmas we saw each other. And besides we had a really nice holiday, we found out that we were actually quite on the same page: we wanted to open a restaurant. Not in years, but actually as soon as possible. We put our (mostly digital) heads and worked out a plan. We didn’t have to think long about the vision and form of the restaurant, about that we agreed: fire, responsible, natural wines and zero waste.

We started with the preparations immediately. We made syrup and vinegar of magnolia blossom. We hope to serve that to you soon. We also experiment with a kind of capers made of the inside of the flower. Because we wanted to start with our zero waste policy right away.

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